Woodworm, Dry Rot Battersea, Fulham, Chiswick, Acton, Shepherds Bush

Battersea Damp Proofing & Timber Treatments offer you the most cost effective and successful form of remedial timber treatments to eradicate woodworm , wet rot, dry rot and other forms of wood-boring insects and wood-rotting fungi

The most effective cure for woodworm, wet rot, dry rot and all forms of wood-boring insects and wood-rotting fungi is the Lignum-Enviroquest range of preservative chemicals which are virtually odourless and treated areas are safe for re-entry as soon as timbers are dry-often less than an hour.

If you have noted woodworm in your house and are not sure if it is active or not please contact us for a free woodworm survey. Our CSRT/Property Care Association qualified surveyors will be able to inspect your property free of charge and let you know whether the infestation is active or dormant and whether treatments are required. If the infestation is active we will provide a quotation for treatment and if this is acceptable to you we will arrange to carry out the woodworm treatments whenever is convenient for you.

Battersea Damp Proofing & Timber Treatments use an array of different treatments for timber infestation and decay ranging from low odour insecticidal sprays to eradicate woodworm, masonry biocides to stop dry rot in brickwork and fungicidal creams to prevent further infestation by woodworm or wet and dry rot. Our surveyors will specify the safest and most effective method of timber treatment for your property and we offer a holistic approach to timber treatment to ensure a minimal environmental impact to your property wherever possible.

Battersea Damp Proofing & Timber Treatments only use products which have been independently tested and approved safe for use by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and our insecticide treatment is effective against all life stages of wood boring insects. It has virtually no odour and we usually apply it by a low pressure spray to provide long lasting protection against woodworm. Our woodworm fluid is water-based, virtually odourless, non-flammable, quick drying and containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Dry rot is eradicated using a masonry biocide treatment sprayed onto affected walls and in some cases is also injected into walls helping the dry rot killer to penetrate deep into brickwork.

Our dry rot fluid is effective when used to eradicate and stop the spread of dry rot fungus in masonry and brickwork. It can be used as a sub floor oversite steriliser where necessary in areas of dry rot out-breaks. We also use the dry rot fluid in gauging water for the re-rendering of treated masonry or brickwork to form a fungicidal plaster as another barrier to prevent any further dry root outbreaks. As with our woodworm fluid our dry rot killer is water-based, virtually odourless, non-flammable, quick drying and containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Timber repairs are only carried out by experienced tradesmen and our own qualified remedial technicians who have been independently trained and accredited by the Property Care Association, and our repairs reinforced by meaningful insurance guarantees.

For a free timber/dry rot survey or estimate please call 020 8242 1567 or 07801 255370 , alternatively please fill in the form below and we will provide either email you a quote to remedy your woodworm or dry rot problem or arrange a free timber inspection. All woodworm, wet rot, dry rot and any other timber treatments come with a twenty year guarantee.

If you need a guaranteed effective solution to woodworm, dry rot , wet rot then please contact Battersea Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment for you free, no obligation quotation.

You can contact us by phone on 020 8226 3101 or email enquiries@hammersmith-damp.co.uk.

Alternatively please fill in the contact form below with details of problem and property to be treated.