Condensation Treatment BattBlack Mould, Condensation Treatment Battersea

Toxic black mould and Condensation

Black mould, mildew and condensation are an increasingly common occurrence due to new insulation, draught–proofing methods and changes in the lifestyle of house and flat occupants.

We have a wide range of remedies to eradicate condensation dampness and toxic black mould ranging from whole house ventilation units, the installation of extraction fans to fungicidal washes and insulating paints. For more details please see our condensation page.

All condensation and mould remediation works come with a five year guarantee year.

Woodworm and Dry Rot Treatment

For the most effective cure for woodworm, wet and dry rot and all forms of wood-boring insects and wood-rotting fungi we use the Lignum range of preservative chemicals. These are virtually odourless and the treated areas of your property are safe for re-entry as soon as timbers are dry – often less than an hour after application. For further details please see our timber treatment page.

All woodworm, wet and dry rot and any other timber treatments come with a twenty year guarantee.


Freezteq has been providing damp proofing products since the early 1970s. The Freezteq Frozen Damp-course System has been used successfully for damp proofing walls for forty years. This system is a rising damp treatment comprising prepacks of siliconate solutions which are frozen before use. Once holes have been drilled into the mortar line of the wall, following the instructions provided, the frozen prepacks are inserted directly into the mortar joints, which are the major pathways for any rising damp, thereby providing an effective damp proof course.